Videos with/of Rosite

Willemijn Verkaik sings 'Me and the Sky', AVRO 2021.

Nandi van Beurden and Rosite van der Woude in ‘No One Is Alone’ (Stephen Sondheim) for Cultuur in Actie, 2020.

Dutch musical star Freek Bartels sings ‘Moi’ from ‘Beauty and the Beast’, 2015.

Dutch actress Renee Fokker about Rosite, opening night Come From Away 2021.

Accompanying John Kraaijkamp senior at an Ivo Niehe live show, 2007.

With Yoran de Bont and Esmée Dekker at 'Langs de Lijn en Omstreken'.

The Sitzprobe of Come From Away.

Jamming online, Dutch "Come From Away"-band, 2021-2022.

Christmas Commercial PLUS, Nederlands Kamerkoor conducted by Rosite in 2019.

Vocal coach/musical supervisor for recording of unknown musical by Toon Hermans, starring several musical stars and the Dutch Groot Omroepkoor.

Excerpt from documentary about the Dutch production of ‘War Horse’, AVRO 2014.