Choir and ensemble singing have always played a very important role in Rosite’s career. From early youth, Rosite has sung in/played for/conducted countless choirs, from children’s choirs to amateur musical groups, to professional musical ensembles, and, on occasion, even the Nederlands Kamerkoor and the Groot Omroepkoor.


Rosite teaches several young pianists who want to learn more about becoming rehearsal pianist and/or MD. Loving to create musical happines for a group of enthousiastic people from her piano stool and gifted with perfect pitch/a sharp ear, Rosite also loves her work as choir/ensemble singing teacher, which she was at InHolland Music Academy’s conservatory for 6 years, and which she still is for Codarts Rotterdam (Musical Theatre). At Codarts, Rosite is working as pianist/MD on a permanent assignment since September 2023. Because of Rosite’s commitment to amateur choir singing, Rosite has been board-member for Balk/Boog, supporting this cause.


(c) Pauline Wiersma